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Kyiv    +38 093 501 23 99
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About us

Luxury-elite, classical interiors with marble, stowed in two layers, are being created even without us, raising money on civil servants and forgetting about the design. Only the correct design, without concessions, compromises, flattery and false helps us to give to clients that image of their own dream-house in live, that everyone has in his own head.

The interiors in which it is possible to work fruitfully, to enjoy the life – this is our aim and love. The aspiration not to get to the cover of journal, but to create the area, well-thought-out by us from the very beginning till the end of implementation. From the planning, electrification, designing of furniture and to the selection of color of curtains, arrangement of decor, we are following the entire interior till the end, where ever you would be.

Our surnames are under each project, that’s why we follow your project in live or remotely without fail. We have the suppliers who do not break up the terms of delivery, running away with your money to the warm islands, and the constructors, who do not eat fat food on sketches.

Our studio will never be with a 100 people of staff, as in such big companies so far forget about the customer his own, and every client – is a no name part of the total stream of orders. But if your life is not possible without architecture and design of interiors write us! Hot vacancies for hot designers:

Dmitriy Sivak

Lead architect, interior designer

Artem Trigubchak

Lead architect, interior designer

Kyrylo Verbych


Maria Kravhcenko

Procurement manager

Yevhen Zahorodnii


Maksym Iuriichuk


Alexey Gulesha


Anna Verbych


Olga Chaikovska


Angelina Stelmakh


Дмитрий Шматенко